Important Instructions

  • Ensure that the expiration dates fall within the guidelines listed for each product. We will not purchase expired Test Strips, Dexcom or Omnipods.

  • When shipping, avoid packaging your items too tight together. It prevents them from being damaged.

  • Check to make sure that the boxes are unopened, unexpired and sealed.

  • Remember we will remove all pharmacy labels, so it is best to leave them on. In addition, if you decide to cross over your personal information, be sure to use a permanent marker gently and do not use a ballpoint pen. Any marker on the actual box will result in us not being able to purchase your supplies

  • Remember to always obtain and save you tracking number when you ship your supplies.

  • ALWAYS be sure to ship your items in a box and NOT a mailing envelope. Using a shipping box prevents your supplies from being crushed or damaged.