F.A.Q Questions


Is it legal to sell my diabetic testing supplies?

Yes as along as you are not acquiring them through Medicare and you are the legal owner of the strips you are allowed to sell them.

Do you provide mailing kits and shipping labels?

We do not send out mailing kits or provide shipping labels. Our process allows you to get paid fast. You simply ship your supplies and we will reimburse you at payout, when your items arrive at our location. We take note of the price you paid for shipping on your box.

Should I provide my Tracking number?

Yes you should ALWAYS provide your tracking number to us. Obtaining a shipping tracking number allows you to have the ability to see when it will arrive. It also allows us to keep record and helps our process in getting you paid in a timely fashion. You can enter your tracking number in the "Tracking Information" tab above. We at CashMoneyStrips.com care about your package arriving safely.

Is there a limit on the amount of supplies I can sell?

No there is no limit and you can sell as many as you'd like.

Do you buy Dexcom and Omnipods?

Yes! We are currently buying Dexcom G6 and Omnipod 10 pack. We offer GREAT pricing on those items. You can find them in the "Sell Your Products" tab.

Do you buy Medicare, Medicaid or International Boxes?

We will NOT accept any boxes labeled Medicare, Medicaid or any sort of International supplies.

How do I get paid via Paypal?

Getting paid through Paypal is the fastest and preferred method of payment we like to use. After you submit your quote and give us you verified Paypal email, we will inspect the strips upon arrival to make sure they are as described. After that, we will process your payment same day or within two business days.

How can I have trust that you will pay me?

We believe in being of service to our customers and value the business that we do with them. Paying all of our customers is mandatory at our company and if we did not live up to that, we would not be in business very long.

What is the reason why I have to send my diabetic supplies in first, before I receive payment?

There has been times in the past were we have received items that were either expired, damaged or opened. We do not purchase these items. This process works a lot better and allows our customers to receive their payment immediately, after we inspect their supplies.

What payment methods are available?

Paypal or Business Check

How Should I Ship My Boxes?

You can start with placing your diabetic supplies in a sturdy box and use bubble wrap for extra padding to prevent the supplies from getting damaged. We always want our customers to receive full payment so following these steps are very important. After you place your supplies in the box and sealed it. Be sure to provide your return address in the top left corner and write our company shipping address directly in the center of the box. After that, you can ship it with USPS and we'll be sure to reimburse you for your shipping costs at payout.

Should I remove the labels from my boxes?

We highly recommend NOT removing any pharmacy labels on your testing supplies. We have a process in removing the labels without damaging the box. You can lightly mark over your personal information, but be sure not to get any of the marker on the box. Because if the marker gets on the box, it would then be considered damaged and that would prevent us from purchasing your supplies.

What exactly does CashMoneyStrips.com NOT buy?

We do not purchase any of these items:

  • Medicare/Medicaid products

  • Any type of controlled substance or insulin

  • Any diabetic supplies with the CE logo

What if I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ?

Feel free to call or email us.

P: 484-258-3400

E: support@cashmoneystrips.com